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At Cask Trade, we have united people from across the whisky industry into our business. We are collectors, we are whisky cask sales professionals, and we are masters of tasting and grading whisky. It goes without saying, we’re also huge enthusiasts.


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We are passionate about everything related to whisky - from how it’s made, to how it’s enjoyed. We want to share our passion and our knowledge, to help you become part of this exciting market.

Meet The Masters

Our Story

With over 100 combined years in the industry, it's clear to see we have a passion and an innate love for the liquid - we treat your cask as a whisky and not just a commodity. Then, when it eventually comes to selling your cask, with a number of in-house exit options the process is easy and transparent.

Our Story

Cask Trade Family

Cask Trade now has offices in London and Hong Kong. We also have our sister in-house sites of Auction Your Cask and our bottling service Regent Street Cask Bottlers.

Cask Trade Family

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