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"I wanted to create a real and trustworthy marketplace for cask whisky collectors, investors, and bottlers. This means that, unlike our competitors, not only do we buy casks, but we also sell them..."

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5 In-House Exit Options for your whisky cask

In the past, selling your whisky cask has often been a complex process. At Cask Trade, we’re doing things differently to provide simple, convenient ways for you to part from your asset. These include an auction platform and a buyback promise. We make buying and selling whisky easy. 

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Exclusive Rum Partnership - Cask Trade & Renegade Rum

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with the pioneering rum powerhouse, Renegade Rum! We have an exclusive agreement for the sale of rum casks from the Renegade Distillery for the next three years.

Follow the link below to find out more about rum casks and why rum is on everyone's lips.

Renegade Rum
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