How to invest in whisky 

The Peak Magazine - 5 October, 2020

Victoria Burrows
Contributor, The Peak Magazine

How to invest in whisky

The difference between bottles, casks, independents and funds.

“Whisky casks are one of the few assets that appreciate in value over time,” says Simon Aron of whisky investment firm Cask Trade. But buying casks can be a minefield of tax regulations, legal titles and other paperwork. Due to the complexity involved, insiders recommend turning to merchants or brokers within the whisky community for guidance. “I recommend to my clients what I learned over the years with my own investments: I overpaid, I bought casks that didn’t exist, I bought a cask in madeira that was actually bourbon wood… It can be a nightmare,” says Aron."

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Investing In Whisky Casks - Cask Trade